Monday, August 30, 2010

My Bad!!!

Wow...I didn't realize just how long it's been since I posted anything here. I've been so, so busy with goal setting, workshops, and playing with my horse that I've had precious little time for blogging.

I did set some goals for Renegade and I:

1. Be able to canter Renegade a full circle in a 70’ or 100’ round pen – both my horse and I are fluid and confident – no tension or stiffness. Our canter will be fluid and soft for one lap of the round pen by 12/31/2010.

2. To video tape and submit my L3 Online and Liberty auditions by the end of the year.

3. To video tape and submit my L3 Freestyle audition by April 2011.

I have been using the self assessment sheets to make sure I'm on track with tasks; not that I want to blow through anything but because I don't want to miss anything. I am really looking for quality vs. quantity and trying to practice an attitude of justice. I'm being particular without being critical, being specific in my requests, trying to be just in my phases (depending on whether or not I'm teaching, controlling, reinforcing, or refining).

I've also been building our canter online to transition that to riding and we've made alot of progress in freestyle cantering in a short period of time. It was my fear of the unknown; what Renegade "might" do that held us back for so long. That's sad because when we finally began cantering he offered me a very nice, relaxed canter. I think Renegade was really waiting for me and hoping I would finally catch up, I'm just sorry it took me so long. I LOVE cantering!!! We're not cantering circles yet as those tend to shut him down, he needs long lines to build his impulsion. We've been working on that online but I'm going to wait a while to try it freestyle.

I joined Jerry Williams support group, The Jingle and I love having it as a resource. We have monthly small/regional group calls, monthly large group calls, and e-mail lifelines if we need them. Jerry also gives us "can you" challenges to inspire and motivate us into getting out there with our horses and keep advancing.

I've decided to really start stretching Renegade and myself so we're going to do a obstacle challenge benefit for an equine rescue and then we're going to participate in two ACTHA competetive trail challenges. I'm not out to win; it's about building our confidence and relationship, but if we do win that would be a great bonus!!

I've also been thinking about taking Renegade to the first ever Parelli Rendezvous in Jacksonville, FL in October and entering us in some judged challenges and maybe a timed event or two. Can't imagine a better, more savvy place to stretch ourselves even more!! I think the Rendezvous sounds like it will be a lot of fun!!


Dona said...

I completely relate to the not posting so much...where did the time go?!

Sometimes we're having so much fun we forget, but that's ok!!

You have some great goals, some are similar to mine. Keep at it. :)

craigeagle23 said...

Thanks Dona! I have been having lots of fun and growing by leaps and bounds. I'm playing away at it lol!! Also gonna try to blog more often so I have a record of my journey all in one place. Right now everything is all over the place: Savvy Club Forum, Facebook, The Horsemans Jingle Group website, my notebook, this blog, etc!!