Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Played with America and Renegade tonight. America had her 4th session with trailer loading tonight and was awesome!! We moseyed to the trailer, taking the long way around and sight seeing on the way. When we got to the trailer, I opened the door, pointed, and she went right in...ALL 4 FEET!!!! She went in very confidently but wasn't confident to stay very long...only about 15 seconds. After about 3 repetitions she went in and stayed in with all 4 feet for about 2 minutes. She was fairly relaxed, her head was low and she turned her head around to look at me. I'm not sure if it was for reassurance or to ask, "can I come out now?". I took it as a question and asked her out of the trailer; she backed out calmly and quietly. I'm so thrilled with her progress!!!!!

Renegade was amazing tonight too. I've been playing with getting draw when he's traveling to the left on a circle at liberty and it went well tonight. I actually got him to draw at a trot several times!!! We also played with sideways to and from over the barrel and considering all the trouble we'd had with that for so long, we did great at it tonight. Played a bit online as well and got about 1/4 of the 70' round pen at a trot to the right!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a super, amazing night!!!


Jessica said...

Sounds awesome! Yeah for all four feet!

craigeagle23 said...

Yeah Jessica, it was so amazing that she walked right in like she'd been doing it for years!! No hesitation, no tensing up, no backing right out. She really took her time. I'm so blessed with my horses!!

Parelli Central said...

It's so much fun to read that you are so happy over your horses' progress. Makes me happy, too :-)

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

craigeagle23 said...

Thanks Jessica...yeah, all 4 feet and soooo confident about it too!!

Thanks Petra...I can honestly say I can't remember the last "bad" day I've had with my horses. Interesting days...yes, bad!! I have fun with them all every day!!