Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Day Today!!

I started out the day going to audit a workshop, Leads and Lead Changes, with Berin MacFarlane and it was super. I learned alot and have much to play with. I'm going to write up my notes and post them to my clinic and workshop notes blog a little later.

On the way home from the workshop I ran errands, went to the feed store, got hay, and grocery shopped. When I got home, I played with two horses while the hay cubes were soaking.

America was stellar at trailer loading; I pointed and she went in VERY confidently and STAYED in eating hay!!! She was in the trailer about 7 minutes and I decided to ask her out before she decided she needed to come out. She was not wanting to come out; she wanted to stay in and eat!! I couldn't ask for more than that!!

Renegade was interesting tonight. He lacked impulsion tonight and after trying for about 10 - 15 minutes to "wake him up" with no success so I decided to play with the horse that showed up. We were playing at liberty; I sat on the barrel and asked him to circle me at the walk. At first the circles looked like eggs and our draw was pitiful but after I dq'ed his hq's a couple of times he was looking for me and our draw improved significantly! Soon, the circles looked more like circles and drive and draw were equalizing. Just for fun I decided to sit on the ground and ask for circles and that went really well...even better than with me sitting on the barrel and I didn't have to get up even once to tag/dq his hq's!! Renegade earned some scratches in his favorite places and a couple of cookies as well.

I had a laundry list of stuff to get done after playing so the sessions were short but VERY productive and fun. My trailer is hooked up for the ACTHA competetive trail challenge tomorrow and I've started packing/arranging stuff for our trip to the Parelli Rendezvous next Thursday. I'm really getting excited and can't wait to see how Renegade and I do in that environment. I know it's going to be busy with lots of activity and it will be good to stretch us!!

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