Friday, October 1, 2010

Hahaha!! I Love When A Plan Works!!

Hahaha!! Had success with circling while sitting on the barrel tonight, actually got two circles in each direction. I did notice that Renegade had that "I'm kinda outta here" nose tilted to the outside so I played with bringing him in when he tipped an ear to me and it worked!! It started with an ear on me, then he ever so slightly looked at me and when I rewarded that, he started to look to me asking questions. when a plan works!!

I haltered/unhaltered while sitting on the barrel and that went well. I unhaltered after we did the circles and we did some liberty play, did stick to me and WE CANTERED TOGETHER going to the right!! We then played with some turns and squeeze over the barrels. Renegade was really "with" me tonight during liberty and when I asked him in at the end I allowed him all the way in. He put his head on my chest while I gave him a good rub. He's never done that before.

At the end we had some hang out time with me sitting on the ground and Renegade standing next to me. I started scratching one of his favorite itchy spots and oh boy...I could tell he was really enjoying it, those lips were really twitching lol!!

When I invited him to leave the round pen he waited for me (at liberty) to collect my gear then we went together back to the pasture so he could graze. It was a great night!!

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