Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun and Games!!

What a fun morning!! We were a bit rushed as we “were late for the show”. I normally like to arrive a bit early, unload my horse, walk him around a bit and check the place out but this morning we arrived at the ISC, had to fill out some paperwork, unloaded the horses and had to saddle them up right away. Missed the meeting at the big pond so on the way down the hill, we stopped and did the online challenge. Renegade and I made our time, completing all 5 obstacles and didn’t break the tie until he decided he wanted to go check out some grass a bit farther out than the 22′ line lol!! Liberty was great, we completed our 5 tasks with 1 second to spare and he even sidepassed the cs laying on the ground – this has been a huge bug-a-boo for us!! We did FRT/STM at the trot, I got greedy and tried for a canter STM but it didn’t happen. I was o.k. with that since he’d just given me so much during the online and liberty challenges and he was rather distracted by the grass, the cold air, and the cold breezes. Wasn’t sure about doing freestyle games because Renegade had been distracted but decided to give it a go and was glad I did. We made our times, with time to spare…did the weave at a walk, mostly off of my body but did have to make a few corrections, we trotted the straight line back to the box. The barrel pattern was fun, would have been better if not for “operator error” lol!! We did the first part of the pattern at the walk and Renegade was pretty unfocused (maybe I was too??!!). The second half of the pattern was better, we did it at the trot and it would have been fantastic but I got the pattern wrong; did the first barrel right and mixed up the next two, bummer!! I definitely need to work on getting my pattern straight!!

It was fun to see Renegade so confident today. There was a young horse that had never been over the bridge before and wasn’t confident about it at all so Renegade led (with me driving from zone 4-5) the way and that little horse followed him right over. It was especially nice because Renegade sometimes has zone 5 issues but didn’t have them today.

Especially nice was seeing our progress since last year when they held the games. Our scores were much better this time, Renegade was much more connected to me, and he really tried for me today!! Couldn’t be happier with how we did today!!


Sofie said...

Nice to hear that you hade a great day, I just found out that I have your blog as one of my followers on my blog, it's a smal world. You did great at liberty :-)
/Sofie, I was the one taking the time on the liberty station.

craigeagle23 said...

Hi Sophie, yes indeed it's a small world. I follow quite a few blogs (I read but don't post often) for inspiration and motivation. I'm sorry I didn't make the connection when we met yesterday! Thank you for the compliment on our liberty. I really wasn't sure how it would go - the weather was cool, the breeze was blowing, and there was actually a bit of green grass so Renegade was VERY distracted. So proud of him though, he paid attention when I needed him to!! It was good to meet you, maybe I'll see you again on February 19th for the next games; I'm planning on coming. Thanks for helping to make a fun day for those of us that participated!!