Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun Time Tonight

Had another fun session with Renegade tonight. When I entered the pasture, I sent America away and Renegade came right over to me nickering as he came. I think he was ready to play!! In the round pen at liberty he gave me 4 laps at the trot in both directions with only a couple of corrections when he wanted to come off the rail. I just put some energy towards his zone 1-2 and he did the next two laps perfectly!!

When we moved up to cantering I was able to canter a small circle in the center of the round pen while Renegade cantered on the rail. For a change, he was putting out more effort than me. He gave me a full lap at the canter in both directions!!

Back up by the tail went REALLY well tonight, Renegade gave me 6 steps back (one at a time with reward in between each step) and stayed straight, didn’t try to turn and face me and enjoyed the butt rubs as his reward.

During our post play undemanding time, Renegade again did LOTS of licking, chewing, and yawning. He stayed with me, standing quietly for about 15 minutes and we went together at liberty back to the pasture.

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