Wednesday, January 12, 2011


YEEHAW!!!!! What a fun play session tonight. The weather is pretty cool here tonight and Renegade was really enjoying it. In the round pen, at liberty, Renegade gave me 4 really nice canter circles in each direction…yep…that’s right 4 CANTER CIRCLES!! AND…I was in neutral in the center of the circle!!!

Backing by the tail was also improved tonight…Renegade gave me 6 nice steps back, staying straight and soft. He did turn and look over his back at me once but didn’t turn to face me.

Stick to me was good at the walk and trot but by the time we got around to stick to me canter, I think Renegade had cantered himself out lol!! I wasn’t going to push it because he’d already given me soooo much.

We had our undemanding time and while waiting for him to lick, chew, and yawn, he laid down beside me instead. I was able to rub him and give him a cookie while he was down. Unbelieveable to me the changes in just the last few days. I’m over the moon!!

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