Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where Are We Going??

Tonights session was interesting. I could feel my energy level was not has high as it has been the last 4 days and Renegade’s energy wasn’t as “up” there either. Trot circles were amazing, 6 to the right and 5 to the left, nice, cadenced, soft. Canter circles…well, they kind of fell apart tonight…I’m wondering where all that wonderful impulsion from last night went??!! I couldn’t get Renegade to give me more than 1/2 lap in either direction tonight. Something to ponder on tonight.

On the flip side, leading by the tail was fabulous tonight – we backed softly and straightly 3/4 the diameter of the round pen!! I finished our session by tying the 22′ line into reins and asking Renegade to side pass to the rail to see if I had permission to get on and he moved right into position. I got on bareback and did a 15″ passenger lesson at the walk. I haven’t been on him bareback in ages and it was fun!!

During our undemanding, post play time, Renegade did alot of licking, chewing, and yawning and ta da…laid down next to me twice!! I found it interesting he also spent a fair amount of time softly investigating me tonight with his nose and by licking me. He was checking out my coat sleeves, the hood of my coat, my hair, and even my face. He was gentle about it and even licked my face. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about that given his past history of biting but I kept my nerves in check and allowed it but was ready to move him off if he got too pushy. No worries though…he was just fine.

Lots of different stuff happening tonight but just as exciting as the past few nights…just different. Not sure where all this is going but I really want to find out!!

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