Friday, January 14, 2011


Played again tonight and just like last night, trot circles were fabulous in both directions but canter circles were non-existant, so rather than repeat a negative pattern, I went back online to fix it. The reason I tried first at liberty is to make sure last night wasn’t an off night and to give Renegade the benefit of doubt. Going back online helped a whole lot and we ended up doing three nice canter circles in each direction and I stopped with that for tonight. We backed, leading by the tail, all the way across the diameter of the 70′ play pen!! Also lead Renegade by the (L) ear for 10 steps. I also trailer loaded Renegade from the fender and he went right in!!

During the post play UDT, Renegade did alot of licking, chewing, and yawning unlike last night when he did very little and he laid down next to me again twice. This time I rubbed his forehead and he rubbed back a bit and he stayed down just a little longer tonight that the past few nights. Can’t wait until I can “do a Cheri” and have him sleeping with his head in my lap.

I’m wondering if I’m confusing Renegade by playing with my energy…maybe I’m playing with it too much, maybe I should just try one change or a little change at one time rather than experimenting? Jerry…I’m still trying to get the hand of that Spiderman thing of throwing the web lol!!

Anyway, it was another interesting evening of play!!

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