Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Offerings and Fun!!

Got home from work and first had to fix the hotwire…Bert had it crunched and had part of the fence crunched too. While I was fixing the fence, Renegade came to visit me and kinda hung around for a few minutes. When I finished and went to the gate, he followed me.

I got him out, saddled him up, and we went to the “arena” to play. I thought I’d warm him up a bit online but ended up only needing to move him around enough to do my three cinch tightenings. He stood still while I got on and while we did out lateral bends and then we walked off on my cue. Boy, did we have fun. We rode the large circle at the walk; all I was looking for was a soft bend and understanding the pattern. We did pretty good for our first time, maintaining the walk and the circle but there’s definitely much to work on. We did an energetic walk over the cavalettis (set at 8″ – we’d done 6″ many times before), trying maintain straightness and not tick his toes. By the 4th time across, he was doing good (no ticking). The weave at a walk was fun, when we get good at that, I’ll try it at the trot. The most fun was with the bow tie pattern…seemed like Renegade really got this one. When we came around the cone with me doing partial dhq I was going to ask for the trot at first but Renegade said “why not canter”!! The first few times, I got 2-3 strides of canter but the last time we cantered 1/2 the length of the “arena”. I decided we’d done enough…he gave me so much and so willingly!! Sadly, I probably needed to spend my 1/2 hour UDT with Renegade tonight but it was already getting dark and I still had to feed everyone. I’ll make a point of having enough time to hang out tomorrow after our play.

Oh yeah, must add...I got two nice back up steps off my reins!! WHOOT, WHOOT!!!

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