Sunday, February 20, 2011


Renegade and Beau were tied to the trailer next to each other eating their hay from their respective bags and Renegade decided he wanted to try Beau’s hay. It was interesting they shared from the same bag for a bit then Renegade took a big mouthful of hay; I think Beau thought he was being too greedy because he gave Renegade a slight nip on the nose. This is a BIG change for Beau as he’s usually very submissive to other horses. I found myself cheering for him!! Renegade was more polite after that and they continued to share hay.

The workshop was awesome and I learned some strategies to help me with the problems we’ve been having with our circles, especially canter circles, and our change of direction, especially when traveling to the left; I have a hard time drawing Renegade’s right eye. The biggest BFO was that I’ve gotten a bit lax and sloppy in my expectations. I’ve been allowing Renegade to invade my space too much/too often and not asking for snappy responses. Once I changed my approach, upped my expectations, and sped everything up a bit, our results were much better!!

After the workshop, we watered our horses and loaded up for the ride home. Boy did we, Terri, Ingrid, and I, have A LOT to talk about on the way home. It seems we all learned a whole lot during a two hour workshop. We arrived back at Terri’s house and unloaded the horses; Renegade was going to be a visitor for a few hours while we went to dinner so we got the horses settled in then went in the house to freshen up before heading out to meet “J” at Pepe’s in Ocala. We were celebrating Ingrid’s birthday and we were eager to hear about “J”’s first month as an extern at Parelli.

After dinner, we headed back to Terri’s to pick up Renegade and head to my house. Renegade did very well at loading in the dark even though we’d not practiced this much. He looked ready to go home and chill in his own, familiar pasture with his herd mates. If he was as tired as I was, I know he was exhausted. My brain was full and so was my belly; I literally and figuratively had lots to digest. After getting Renegade settled in, I went in the house, got ready for bed, and it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep and I slept soundly all night. Writing up my notes would have to wait until the next day.

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Parelli Central said...

Hi Kathy,
How lucky you were that you didn't have to work and what a wonderful day came out of that... Good for you! I will be interested to hear more about the strategies you know have for your liberty game after Jerry's workshop!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central