Sunday, March 13, 2011

Being Particular Without Being Critical

Played with change of direction tonight and after about 10" Renegade was consistently looking for me and asking questions, especially when traveling to the left. I’m super excited about this because this is the side I always had trouble drawing his eye for the COD – he just didn’t want to give me his right eye.

Also…hum, how interesting…building a good COD actually helped our circling game. We started out with a COD every 1/8 of the circle, then every 1/4, then at 1/2. Pretty soon Renegade was doing full laps with no change of gait.

Backing by the tail is getting excellent now…we backed 1/2 way around the 70’ round pen and we did some stick to me at walk, trot, canter, stop, and back up. Renegade wants to turn in to me when we transition down from canter to stop but I used my carrot stick to block that and pretty soon we were able to go from canter to back up and stay straight. (Note…the stick to me was circles to the left, will have to try to the right tomorrow night).

After we finished playing, we hung out for a while; Renegade licked, chewed, and yawned then he laid down to roll right beside me!!

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