Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Circles, Bow Ties, and "Jumping"...Oh My!!

Rode Renegade last night playing with circles at the trot, both to the right and left. Renegade was really lacking in the impulsion department tonight...wanted to stop and eat grass after every few strides. The only time I had good impulsion from him was during the bow tie pattern...he can't wait to get back to the rail and canter!! I have been allowing it since he generally lacks impulsion but I think tonight I will ask for an extra circle around out "barrel" (little group of trees that sub as a barrel) before going back to the rail. The reason for this is Renegade can easily take over and get dominant and I don't want to create a bad habit to be fixed later!!

We also played with our first "jump" over a log. It really was a trot over the log but it's a big enough log that it requires some extra oomph from Renegade to get over it and that results in a bit of a jump. We repeated trotting to the log 4 times before he maintained gait and trotted/jumped over it. Of course that resulted in rubs and a rest!!

I taped our session last night and will post video later.

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