Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Circles and Bow Ties

More play with freestyle circles at a trot tonight. Got two in each direction...pretty good for a LBI; we're working on building up to 6 - 10. Also played with bow tie pattern and Renegade LOVES this pattern a little too much lol. I decided to add an extra circle or two before heading back to the rail as he wanted to canter half way through the circle!! I wanted him to wait for the cue lol!! We practiced/played in both directions and had a ball.

I video taped everything so I can watch and fix myself. I did notice I need to be ALOT quieter with my hands; I "fuss" too much and I'm afraid that will cause Renegade to think it's the friendly game.

In watching the video it's interesting to me I'm not "wobbling" in the saddle as much as I thought I was while cantering. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have room to improve but it's not as bad as I thought lol!!

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