Friday, August 5, 2011


I couldn't be more proud of Renegade then I was this morning. I had the vet out to do vaccinations in prep for our visit to the Parelli Ranch in October (and also because they were due). I got Renegade from the pasture to move him around a bit and get our relationship right before the vet arrived. When she arrived, Renegade was very interested in everything she was doing; he observed her getting the vax ready, writing on her clipboard, and putting the alcohol on the cotton. He was VERY engaged and attentive but not in a scared way...he was interested in the goings on!! When it came time to give the vaccines and draw blood for the Coggins, Renegade stood still and turned his head to soften his neck just like we've practiced. He got vaccines on both sides and was equally good on the other side too. AND...HE DID ALL THIS ON A LOOSE LEAD!!! He used to be pretty extreme in trying to avoid vaccinations and would run into or over me or the vet to avoid them. It's taken some time to get this good but oh, it's sooooo worth it to be able to vaccinate a horse that stands calmly.

The vet also checked his teeth while she was here and all that playing with his mouth paid off too when we forgot to do it while I had him online. The vet went into the pasture, approached Renegade, asked for his head, politely put her fingers in his mouth and he allowed her to check his teeth. He had a brief moment of wanting to resist but she was politely persistent and he lowered his head and allowed her to check his mouth. DID I MENTION I LOVE MY VET!! She could have turned that moment into a wrestling match (I've seen other vets do it) but she just waited on Renegade to relax.

Thanks again Pat and Linda for this program, my wonderful vet for her horse savvy, and most of all Renegade for acting like a partner and not a prey animal!! Life is GRAND!!

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