Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I just read the announcement from Parelli Central saying Parelli is selling the Florida campus in Ocala so they can concentrate on spreading the Parelli message in other areas; i.e., internationally. That's great news for some people but for others it's not great news. I happen to be in the not so great category.

I have been planning and saving for the last two years so I can take courses at the Parelli Center in Ocala. I am enrolled in my first Flex Track module in October of this year and was going to enroll in the second module in April 2012. The October Flex Track will be held as scheduled but the rest is up in the air but will most likely be held at the Colorado campus. This effectively kills my dream since I don't have a hope of traveling to Colorado for courses; I am not able to get that much additional time off work to allow me the travel time and I certainly can't afford to quit my job at the moment without a safety net in winning the lottery or powerball lol!!

I'm quite frankly in shock at the moment and also feeling a bit unsettled. I hate not having a firm plan in place; I have to have set goals and work towards them. I'm not at all comfortable at flying by the seat of my pants...maybe if I were rich and it didn't matter but I'm not and it matters a lot. I've worked so hard and so long and gave up a lot to try and make my dreams a reality and now it seems as if those dreams are being dashed upon the rocks.

I'm trying to practice some emotional fitness here, waiting patiently for more information from Parelli so I can began restructuring my dreams for the future. For now, I'll just carry on as I have been...trying to be the best me I can be for my horses and myself.

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