Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun At Liberty

My Friend Terri came over Saturday to watch my play session with Renegade. Here's what she had to say...

1st Off.........Renegade is such a cooooooooooooooool DUDE!!

For those of you that have not met him have something very special to look forward to. He is such a special little horse. His face is just the cutest. He is so expressive with his eyes or should I say they way he tilts his head and looks at you with such intent. And as Kathy has been posting ........he sure knows when he has done something good. He give his little nicker "Hehe , was that good or what?" then proceeds to walk off and look very proud of himself. Such fun to watch. I don't have that kind of expressive horses at my place. Dealing with more right brain horses here......but Renegade is all Left Brain.. Just full of himself and loves to let you know he wants to have fun. Kathy has a lot of things in the ring for him to do and keeps him pretty busy so he stays very in tune with her. Great relationship. Oh yea , I also got to see a horse go to "his happy place". When Kathy would give him a whole cookie ...not a 1/2 ...but a whole one.....he would put his head way down and suck. Eyes were blinking and he was totally enjoying it in his own little world.
Oh one more thing.

I didn't really get into the areas Kathy covered with Renegade....but he is so light and responsive. Makes wonderful yields with zones....turning the forehand and giving of the hunches.....He loves to come to her. His back....oh his back...he puts such effort into it. SIdepassing is coming along nicely. She got on him bareback....(way to go Kathy)...and rode. Some disengagements ....little backing....Renegade offered to trot with her. Then a pig came back in the pen and I am not sure whos eyes got the widest........Renegade's or Kathy's ....I think Renegade was going oh boy!!! Look I am going to chase a pig and Kathy was going .......Oh nooooooo....I hope we don't chase a pig. Kathy handled everything great and all turned out well. Hats off to you Kathy and the great job you have done with Renegade and all the other horses . Nice herd.!! You are certainly their can tell they look to you for leadership. Great Job!

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