Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Really Fun Play Day

Hey everybody - today's play day was lots of fun. Terri brought Shan over and she played with him a while in the play pen. She had him going through the car wash, backing/weaving through cones, touch this/that, over the cavaletti, push the ball, all kinds of stuff. He was awsome!!! I got Renegade from the pasture and we played a little outside the play pen while Terri and Shan were inside. We even had both the boys inside the pen playing at the same time. Terri took Shan to her trailer to saddle him up and I saddled Renegade in the pen. Mounted up and warmed up at the walk. Terri rode Shan around outside the pen and he was great - even the piggies didn't upset him!!! She was walking, trotting, doing cs riding, LOOKING GOOD TERRI :!: :!: Terri had me riding point to point to get Renegade and I focused and help us get our go/whoa button better. I was pretty uncoordinated at first but got better and then Renegade got better/understood what I was asking. Ummmmmmm.....
At one point we ended up at the same point of the pen, Terri and Shan outside and Renegade and I inside. The boys touched noses and started squealing and Renegade stamped his foot. I had to get us away from there quick. I had thoughts of bailing but felt I confident enough that I felt I could stay mounted. Then Renegade started to get a little attitude and bit my toe and ankle - not hard but nipping at them. And of course his antenna was up/out. I put his feet to work doing lots of hq yields and changes of direction. It went up/in!! Kept this up (no pun intended :shock: :lol: ) for a while until he quit and his attitude changed/he relaxed then he got to rest by his favorite blue barrel. Then Terri brought Shan inside the play pen and was riding him around while Renegade rested bringing Shan closer and closer. On one circle Shan was a little too close for Renegades comfort and his head went up and he was a little worried. Guess he pushed on Renegade's bubble just a little too much. Terri made the next two trips a little less close and Renegade was happy/relaxed again. At this point I decided it was a good time to get off. Renegade had accepted my leadership and was comfortable/relaxed so I was a good time to stop!!!
All together it was a VERY interesting and productive play day. We (Renegade and I) were challenged and learned alot. Renegade even loaded in Terri's trailer!!! I'm on cloud nine and can't wait until October 4th :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
Can't wait to see what Terri posts about our day today.

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