Monday, September 22, 2008

Terri's Critique Of Play Day

Went to Kathy's today and played. Had a good time. Thanks so much Kathy for a fun day with horses.
Kathy asked as soon as I got there which horse I was Shanadar, I picked him because he kept nickering to me as if saying
"Take me Take me" So I did.
Unloaded Shan and the BIG cow bellowed, Shan just decided to eat some grass. Good start. Decided it was time to go mosey around and see what we could find. Just around the front of the trailer.......a group of pigs. Ok So I am thinking ....get ready for a dart here or there from a pig, oh no....Shan just wanted to play the touch it game with the piggies.
He tried and tried to get one of those pigs to touch his nose. Went out and let him see the other horses ( which were wondering who is this new horse). Kathy got Renegade and then we decided to go in the round pen and play online together. We wanted to see if we could keep our individual horses attention. I think we did a good job. Both horses were staying focused with us, a few glances at each other....normal horse stuff.
Later we saddled up and rode some. Kathy in the round pen and I circled on the outside. All went well. Then I entered the pen . Rode together in the pen together for a little bit. Oh yea Shan did finally find a pig or two that would come to him and they would touch noses. I dropped my carrot stick once that had the plastic bag connected and the pigs started to take it. Just to funny.

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