Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Level 2 Play and Parelli Patterns

I got my Parelli Patterns today. Haven't had a chance to look through them thouroughly so can't comment on them at the moment. Going to try to look at one of the Savvy's through the 4 levels tonight.

Played with Renegade tonight. We did some stuff on the ground, nose on this, foot on that, massage his front legs, squeeze between two upright barrels, change gait and direction on a circle. He offered me feet on a pedestal, sideways at the fence, jump the barrels. Then we did some riding with a bareback pad and natural hackamore. It was great - did walk and some trot, follow my focus and support with cs not reins, played with yo-yo under saddle walk to back-up and made some progress. Played a little with sideways under saddle and isolated fq and hq yields and it went much better then the first two times we tried it. We had a fun time!!!

Watched the neighbors try to catch their new mini's. No such luck. I'm gonna watch for a while and see how they do. If they can't catch them, I may show them the catching game to help them out. We'll see what happens.

Gotta go for tonight,


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