Monday, October 4, 2010

Horsenality, Horsenality, Horsenality!!

Played with three horses tonight after work. Played with Li"Bert"y first and I think the cooler weather had him feeling a bit frisky. He was playing up online for a few minutes then he settled in to some nice walk and trot circles, 4 in each direction. I also asked for a transition to the canter once in each direction and Bert did great!! He went right into the canter with "lead it" and a cluck. I allowed him to canter 1/2 circle then brought him in for lovin'. He gave me a little rub with his head, really gentle and quick but it was nice!! He squeezed over the barrels in each direction but was a little high headed. Need to work on getting him more confident with that.

Circling game with America was nice...she went into the trot with a lift and lead and did 3 circles in each direction. Also asked for transition to canter and it took phase 3 before she moved up a gait and I'm still trying to figure out why she did a little pirouette just before the canter?!! Not sure if she was just feeling frisky, if she was upset with my use of phases, or is having a physical issue. I'll see if it happens again tomorrow. She squeezed over the barrels but I had to direct her nose as she wanted to cut the jump. She's definitely not as athletic as Bert when it comes to jumping lol!!

Renegade was fun tonight. I decided to keep it low key tonight since he did those huge jumps on Saturday. We played with putting one front and one hind foot over a log and we got it twice!! The first time it was just a brief moment before he moved his other hind foot over the log. The second time he got it and stayed. I spent some time rubbing him and scratching his itchy spots. He was nickering like crazy!! It took about 20" for us to get it and he clearly was thinking, trying to figure out the puzzle. After all that mental effort, I figured he earned his rest!!

Also, got an e-mail from Parelli that the group of us from Ocala Parelli Players that participated in the obstacle challenge benefit at Black Prong had our picture put up on Tumblr!!

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